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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Defense Practice

With two of our attorneys as former prosecutors, we can provide the insight you need to understand your rights and your options. We demystify the prosecution’s motivations and tactics and counter them with experience and well-planned strategy. We have extensive experience as criminal defense lawyers and as attorneys for students. When you need a Harrisonburg criminal defense attorney, we are here to defend you against a wide variety of charges, including:

  • – Driving under the influence (DUI / DWI)
  • – Underage drinking (We are experienced attorneys for students attending James Madison University and Bridgewater College)
  • – Misdemeanor charges
  • – Reckless driving
  • – Fraud
  • – Theft / stealing
  • – Drug crimes
    • Manufacturing, distribution, sale, possession, or use of illegal substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs
  • – Breaking and Entering
  • – Sex crimes
    • Rape
    • Sexual abuse (any form of non-consentual contact of a sexual nature)
    • Sexual battery (unlawful sexual physical contact)
    • Indecent exposure
    • Child molestation
    • Child pornography
    • Internet sex crimes
    • Prositution
    • Human trafficking
    • Sex with animals
  • – Domestic violence
  • – Murder
  • – Manslaughter
  • – Aggravated assault
  • – Kidnapping
  • – Arson
  • – Animal cruelty
  • – Treason
  • – Assault and battery
  • – Federal crimes / Federal offenses
    • Mail fraud
    • Aircraft hijacking
    • Carjacking
    • Kidnapping
    • Bank robbery
    • Credit card fraud
    • Identity theft
    • Hate crimes
    • Computer crimes
    • Obscenity
    • Tax evasion
    • Counterfeiting
    • Violations of the Espionage act
    • Violations of the Patriot Act
    • Illegal wiretapping
    • Art theft from a museum
    • Damaging or destroying public mailboxes
    • Electoral fraud

Experienced Attorneys for Students

We are located in Harrisonburg near James Madison University, and our criminal defense attorneys have helped many students who have been accused of drug crimes, alcohol violations, and other criminal offenses. We understand how isolated incidents can have a devastating impact on a student’s future. Get back on track with effective local representation from the experienced student lawyers in Harrisonburg.

We offer free initial consultations to all criminal defense clients. Se habla español.
Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.


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